How to apply for Australian Immigrant Visa?

visa applicationThere are different types of Australian Visas that can give certain applicants and holders once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a legal immigrant in the said country. Australian Visas such as Skilled Visa, Partner Visa, Family Visa, and even other subcategories of Student Visa are now allowing holders and applicants to be permanent residents and continue prosperous activities under the jurisdiction of the Australian Government.

There are certain steps to follow on how to apply for Australian Immigrant Visa. First of all, you must identify the most appropriate type of Australian Immigration Visa that best suits your purposes and future activities within Australia.

Skilled Visa

This type of Australian Visa has subcategories that are allowing skilled workers (sponsored or not) to continue their career and be a perennial resident in Australia.

Partner Visa

Under this type of Australian Visa, there are subcategories that allow credible applicants who are current partners of an Australian or New Zealand Citizens to avail permanent residency. If the applicant is still in a spontaneous relationship with the Australian or New Zealand local after the specified time imposed by the Australian government, visa holders can now be granted Australian citizenship.

Family Visa

All subcategories of this type of Australian Immigration Visa allow sponsored and credible aspirants to continuously dwell in the country and eventually be an Australian citizen. Under this category, all credible family members are allowed to be endorsed by an eligible Family member residing in Australia.

Student Visa

Some subcategories of Student Visa to Australia are allowing visa holders and applicants to temporarily stay in Australia after finishing a certain scholarly degree. However, if the employer felt that you can be a big asset to their company, there is a big possibility of being hired permanently.

After determining the most appropriate type of visa for you. The second step on how to apply for Australian Immigrant Visa is to accomplish the application form officially released by the Australian Embassy. Next, you must satisfy all the documents requested by the Australian Embassy. The following are some of the legal papers that are needed for your visa application:

Valid Passport

  • • Legal Identification Proofs (Birth Certificate)
  • • Endorsement Letter from Employer (Skilled Visa)
  • • Letter of Sponsorship from an eligible family member (Family Visa)
  • • Proof of Financial Capability (Non Endorsement-Skilled Visa and Student Visa)
  • • Medical Certificate (Documents supporting that you’re fit to work and safe from any infectious disease)
  • • Documents supporting genuine and spontaneous relationship (Partner Visa)

After the submission of all the necessary documents, the embassy will set an appointment for your interview. The last step on how to apply for an Australian Immigrant Visa is to attend to the appointed schedule by the Embassy. Your visa approval will now depend on the results of your interview or your stand as a credible applicant.