Have Your Visa Processing on Time

australian passport

Any person who intends to travel to another country should be a legitimate visa holder. A visa is a document authorizing its holder to enter or leave the country for which it was issued.  It is subject to the permission or approval of an immigration officer at the period of entry.

This authorization can be a document, but most of the time it is a stamp appended in the holder’s passport. There are certain countries which do not entail a visa in several situations such as a result of treaty agreement. The issuing country, normally attaches several conditions for stay. These include territory, validity date as well as the duration of stay.

An early visa application, timely visa processing and an advance travel planning are very important.  If you intend to apply for non immigrant or immigrant visa, you should stringently comply with the basic requirements in order to ensure a speedy visa processing and to arrive timely to your destination. Missing documents or requirements may result to a longer visa processing period.

The period for visa processing may vary on the kind of visa you are applying for.  The Australian visa processing normally starts with submitting an application form and all supporting documents. There are downloadable application forms that you can get in the Australian embassy. It is essential that you will indicate your email address; this can allow you to easily communicate with the staff of Australian Embassy.

The period for visa processing depends on individual circumstances like health conditions which may require for a further health check up or treatment. Choosing a competent visa   Services Company is also a major factor.  You should choose a visa services company that is composed of knowledgeable case officers.

Different types of visa have distinct periods for processing.  The office of Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australian Embassy, normally process applications according to the order they are received.

Temporary Residence Visa

  • • Tourist Visa – 1 month
  • • Transit Visa – 3 working days
  • • Medical Treatment visa – 1 month
  • • Business – Short Stay Visa – 1 month
  • • Other Sponsored Temporary Residents – 3 months
  • • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship – 3 months

Permanent Residence Visa

  • • Partner Migration – 1 year – subclass 309, 300, 8 months – subclass 100
  • • Child Migration – 14 months
  • Citizenship by Descent – 14 days

It is necessary to have your visa processing on time, to avoid further delays and to arrive to your destination on time.