Gov’t presents new migration program for 2013 to 2014

Canberra – Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Brendan O’Connor has announced that the government has set some 190,000 places for its migration program in 2013 to 2014.

In an announcement, the minister said that out of the total number of places, some 128,550 visas will be allotted for skilled migrants while 60,885 visa will be given to family migrants. In addition to this, 565 places will be set aside for migration under special qualifications.

O’Connor explained that due to the continuing high demand for family visas from its citizens, especially those with foreign partners, some 700 places will be taken from the skilled stream and will be given to the family stream.

The minister said however that skilled migration still has the biggest shares as it makes up more than two-thirds of the program. He also underscored the important contribution of the skilled migration program to the Australian economy. He added that the agency remains committed to the program in the regional, state, and territory.

He also gave assurance that the skilled migration program will continue to prioritize jobs for Australians as the hiring of the skilled foreign workers will only complement the labour force in the country. He also added that the program will continue to serve the best interest of the country.