Govt applies anti-fraud provision to family visa program

Canberra – The Australian government has started to implement the Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020 for all family visa application beginning July 1 following the rule changes in other visas.  This applies to all applications that have not been finalized or under review.

family visa program

According to the announcement of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), the Fraud PIC 4020 aims to curb and reduce incidents of fraud in this type of visa application. The provision, which has long been part of the immigration rules, would also serve provide the action against those who try to submit bogus or false information during their visa application and review.

Under this provision, an applicant found to be giving false and misleading information may be denied the grant of his visa. The penalty also includes a three-year ban and extends to information given not only the applicant, but by a family member or a third-party as well. If an applicant is refused, all the other family members may suffer the same. This will be reflected in an applicant’s decision record that may affect the review of his application.

The agency however said that applicants who were denied their visas will be given a chance to explain their side during the review of their applications and show the reasons why they deserve to be granted a visa.