Government Issues Family Visa to Mother of Adelaide Car Crash Victim

Canberra – The Australian government has finally approved and granted the family visa of Fatima Abbassi whose son, Ibrahim, perished in a car collision in Penfield Gardens in Adelaide last year.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship said that visa will allow the Afghan mother to attend her son’s funeral and also to stay for a short period of time. The visa will also cover her young daughter. The two have arrived in the country a few weeks ago.

adelaide car crashThe government said the visa was issued in consideration of the mother’s situation. Abbassi had previously applied for a tourist visa but was denied. She then asked the government to allow her to enter Australia for the sake of her son’s funeral.

News sources said Ibrahim’s father, who is legally married to two women in Afghanistan, was allowed by the government to bring only one of his wives to Australia. Fatima Abbassi was the one chosen to attend the funeral service scheduled on March 8. Australian, visa work, Australian visa, travel visa

The family thanked the immigration officials for the approval and granting of the visa.

The family visa is often issued to immediate family members of someone who is in Australia. This gives eligible family members a chance to visit their loved ones or stay in the country for a year.