Government brings back Temporary Protection Visas

The temporary protection visa (TPV) has been officially reintroduced by the Federal Government.

The TPV was early introduced in Australia by former Prime Minister John Howard on October 1999, issued to people who were recognised as refugees fleeing persecution – it was deemed to be necessary in response to the abuse of the asylum process by persons who applied as refugees after making an unauthorised arrival in Australia.

The holders of this kind of Australian visa have the right to work and are eligible for Special Benefit, Rent Assistance, Family tax Benefit, Medicare, and torture and trauma counseling. But TPV holders have no right to re-enter Australia once they have decided to depart the country.

The TPV was abolished on May 2008 and is now being brought back by the Abbott Government to address the rising number of asylum seekers going to Australia by boat.

You can read the Migration Amendment (Temporary Protection Visa) Regulation 2013 at: