Get it Right with International Australian Visa Services

There are multiple types of Australian Visas aside from an Australian Tourist Visa. There are visas for skilled workers, families, and business investors. Each kind of visa has their own set of requirements that need to be met or completed. Applying for a visa is easy but in order to get an approved visa requires a lot of preparation – especially if it’s your first time.

There is nothing wrong in acquiring for assistance in what documents or records to submit in applying. Just be sure that you choose the right agency, an agency that will not take advantage of you or your situation. The agency’s staff should be knowledgeable with the latest legislation and simple guidelines regarding different types of Australian Visas.

What are the types of visas that an applicant should be aware of?

  • 1. Australian Citizenship Visa
  • 2. Australian Skilled Visas
    1. a. Subclass 189
    1. b. Subclass 190
    1. c. Subclass 489
    1. d. Subclass 476
  • 3. Australian Student Visas
    1. a. Subclasses 570 to 576
  • 4. Australian Family Visas
    1. a. Partner Visa
      1. i. Prospective Marriage Visa
      1. ii. Partner Visa Onshore and Offshore
    1. b. Child Visa Options
    1. c. Parent Visa Options
    1. d. Other Family Visa Options
  • 5. Australian Tourist Visa

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