Foreign Secretary Carr Recalls Thatcher’s Comment on Immigration Policy

Canberra –Australian Foreign Secretary Bob Carr recalled the comments made by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher about the country’s immigration policies some years ago.

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Thatcher, who died of stroke at 87 years old, had made an allegedly racist remark that the country should watch out for Asian immigrants in the coming years as they might outnumber Australians who are the so called natives of the land.

The former Prime Minister allegedly told Carr that the Australian government should rethink its immigration policies if it were to survive the influx of immigrants.

Senator Carr said the remark was made during her conversation with Thatcher who had just then retired a few years back.

The foreign minister, who is known to be married to a Malaysian, said he was surprised at the comment although he knew that the former leader is known for her strong convictions and political will.

The official recalled that Thatcher even warned that the country could ‘end up like Fiji’ if the migrants will be allowed to take over.

Carr said he was not able to respond to the comments. He added that until now he thought of Thatcher as having the qualities of a good, strong leader with old-fashioned beliefs.