Find Your Ideal Work with Job Visa

jobs in Australia

As a country that belongs to a third world nation, we cannot negate the fact that employment opportunities in foreign nations are better as compared to Philippines. Finding an ideal job here in the Philippines, that perfectly matches your qualification, with attractive compensation may not be easy.

Some of our fellow Filipinos are forced to leave their respective families just to find a good job in a foreign land and improve their way of living. One of the favorite destinations of migrant Filipino workers is Australia. Australian employers offer attractive compensations with reasonable tax rates.

The records of Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that since year 1978 until year 2013, the average unemployment rate in Australia is 6.96 percent.  While the unemployment rate for January to February 2013 remained unchanged at 5.40 percent. This is only a good indication of excellent job opportunities in Australia.

A wide range of employment opportunities coming from different industries such as mining, tourism, agriculture even dairy industries can be found in Australia. With its booming industries and surging economy, Australia is in dire need of skilled workers. This could only be one of the reasons why a number of Filipinos and foreign nationals try to look for a better jobs in Australia.

However, before you can work in Australia you must first avail for your job visa, popularly known as work visa.

Job / Work Visa

Working with your regular tourist visa is not allowed.  In order for you to collect your salaries, you are required to obtain a tax file number; you can obtain this by filling the forms available at Australian post offices, Australian Tax Offices and other agents.

Working Holiday Visa

Holders of this job visa can work up to six months period for every employer. Individuals aged eighteen to thirty years of age coming from countries with a reciprocal agreement with Australia such as Canada, Japan, Norway, Korea, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Hong Kong and Ireland can avail for this type of job visa.

There are some countries that are under consideration and may have been included at this point. There are numerous employment recruitment and immigration agencies located throughout Australia that can assist you obtain this type of job visa.

Skilled Visa

Workers who are gifted with certain skills that are highly needed in Australia are encouraged to apply for this type of job visa. Applicants for skilled visa should comply with some licensing and registration requirements.

Sponsored job visa Australia

If the applicant fails to comply with the criteria or qualification for a skilled visa, they can still work in Australia through employer sponsorship.  This type of job visa lasts until the duration of the employment contract; it normally allows its holders to stay in Australia for a period of four years.