Federal Government to Impose Restrictions on 457 Visa System

Darwin – The Federal Government has decided to implement preventive measures on the 457 visa system following reports that some employers have resorted to using hiring overseas workers more than the taking Australian workers to fill in vacant positions for jobs.

The Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the decision could affect many businesses as many of them employ overseas workers who were hired based on Australia’s first regional migration agreement, of which Northern Territory is part of.

457 Visa System

The government said the decision was made because the system was being abused by some employers who choose to hire overseas workers rather than Australian job seekers, thus depriving local workers of needed employment.

Last year, the Federal Government tried to negotiate the agreement to allow Darwin employers to get workers from overseas but the plan did not push through and no agreement was made. Australian, visa work, Australian visa, travel visa

Businesses said there is a dearth of workers now as Darwin registered only less than 2 percent unemployment rate, according to recent data. Many of the business in the region also belong to small or micro businesses which do not need skilled workers or have no resources to employ more people, they added.

Many Darwin businessmen said that besides being costly, hiring skilled workers overseas should be the government’s last option and providing jobs for local workers should be its priority instead. Australian, visa work, Australian visa, travel visa

The businessmen also said that changes in the system would make it even more difficult and complicated for them.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-26/457-visa-worker-drought-nt/4540694?section=nt