Fascinating Things To Do In Australia

tourism in australia

Australia is one of the most remote countries, yet it is also one of the most visited places in this world. According to a report of Tourism Australia, there were about 6.1 million tourists arrival  for the calendar  year 2012. For the  month of December 2012 alone, there were about 720,900 visitors who visited Australia.

These figures only indicate that tourism is indeed a major industry in Australia. Visiting this place can give a unique and memorable travel experience.

From its historical places to its modern infrastructures, Australia is indeed the home of travel enthusiasts. There are a number of things that you can do in Australia:

1. Climb the arches of Sydney Harbor Bridge

If you would like to experience a breath taking roller coaster experience, you can climb and reach the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Reaching its peak , having a glance of the  of  harbor and seeing a dramatic view of the Sydney Opera house  is indeed a great achievement, a  truly  rewarding experience.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is not just an excellent spot for taking photographs and sightseeing, but also an excellent place for an  exhilarating climb!

2. Taste fine wines

You can find in Australia, some of the world’s famous wines. The most visited wine regions are Hunter Valley, Barossa and Margaret River.

Australia is considered as one of the 4th major exporter of wine in the world. Annually, Australia contributes around 750 million liters of wine to the global market. The wine industry is a major contributor to the Australian economy. It boosts the tourism industry, offers employment opportunities and   aids in export industry.

3.Stroll along Coral Bay

Coral Bay  is an excellent  place where you can find spectacular beaches, where you can enjoy snorkeling, dive and play along with sharks.

4. Shop in Melbourne

Melbourne is considered as the shopping capital of Australia.  You can find here the famous shopping centers such as Melbourne Central, David Jones, GPO and many more!

It is a perfect venue for shopaholics  whether  for budget shoppers or designer addicts. Here you can shop for trendy clothes, sturdy furniture, fashionable accessories and exquisite clothes.

5.  Visit the world’s oldest art gallery 

You can visit in Carnarvon National Park, the world’s oldest art gallery. Here you can discover significant fragments of history that can allow you to fully appreciate Australian culture.

You can also find in this art gallery,  marvelous collections of  indigenous leftovers.

6. Play with dolphins

You can certainly have a wonderful travel experience by diving and swimming along with   dolphins.  Adelaide is an excellent spot for aqua marine lovers, swimmers and divers. You will not only enjoying playing with dolphins in this place, but you will also have a great time taking photographs of spectacular views!

7. Dine in Brisbane

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy barhopping and food tripping, visit Brisbane! There are a number of bars, restaurants and bistros that offer fine dining in Brisbane.

There are also a number of barbecue spots where you can enjoy grilling and  buying your favorite barbecue!

 8. Play golf in Queensland

You can leisurely play golf in Bulimba Golf Course, situated in Queensland. It’s spacious lawns and scenic ambiance can allow you to  engaged in golf and other strenuous physical activities.

Australia has a good climate. Its wonderful climate can allow golf lovers to play in their favorite golf courses throughout the year.

 9. Take pictures of the world’s largest rock

The biggest rock in the world can be found in Mount Augusta.  While Uluru is gaining popularity  as a giant circular rock, Mt. Augusta in another  must–see in  Western Australia !

It is considered as the world’s largest monolith.  As compared to Uluru which is devoid of growing plants,  you can find different wild plants in Mt. Augusta.

10. Stroll along Bay of Fires

Located in the east coast of Tasmania, Bay of fires offers a unique camping and walking experience.  You can experience a very memorable 3 day walking adventure in this mesmerizing place!

Aside from camping, you can also enjoy a wide range of activities such as  surfing, boating, diving and bird watching. Visiting this place can really allow you to discover nature’s wonders and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

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