1. How would I know which type of visa to apply for?

To determine the appropriate visa, please visit the homepage of our website. It is an excellent tool that can provide you with pertinent information regarding your visa options.

You can also visit our office or set an appointment with one of our case officers. They can discuss with you the requirements, fees and the period for processing your visa.

2. How can I set an appointment with a case officer or representative of IAVS?

You can set an appointment with us by downloading and filling out the appointment form provided in our website. You can also call us at 521-94-84 or at 522-21-43.

3. What are the requirements and documents I need to comply with in order to support my visa application?

The supporting documents will depend on the kind of visa you wish to apply for, as well as your personal circumstances. Our congenial and knowledgeable case officer will advise you on the requirements and procedures needed.

4. Is there a need to submit my original passport with my visa application?

You are only required to submit a certified true copy of the bio-page or your passport’s main page . But, your case officer may require that you submit your original passport during the processing period of your application.

Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a grant letter.

5. The validity period of my passport is less than six months, do I need to apply for a new passport prior to my visa application?

The Australian Migration Regulations does not require a specific period for the validity of a passport in order to go to Australia. But our Immigration authorities require that your passport must have a six months validity period.

However, it will also be more advantageous on your part, if your passport has a longer validity period, in order to prevent inconveniences in cases of unforeseen circumstances.

6. How long is the processing period for my visa?

The Embassy prescribes processing times for certain visa applications. Permanent visas usually take 6-9 months to process, while temporary visas will take at least 3-4 weeks.

Depending on the circumstances of the application, your application can be decided in a shorter or longer period.

We strongly discourage our clients from making flight reservations or purchasing plane tickets until such their application has been granted and their visa has been given to them.

This can prevent the flight cancellation, rebooking of flights and unnecessary expenses.

7. In which hospital can I take my medical examination? Can I seek a new doctor to certify that I am fit to travel?

You must arrange your medical examination with the Embassy’s accredited immigration panel doctors. Your case officer will advise you on the location and requirements for your medical undertaking.

IAVS has no liability or accountability for the expenses incurred in medical examinations.

8. How can I determine the decision regarding my application?

The case officer assigned to you, will immediately notify you regarding the status or decision of your application.

If your visa application is granted, you will be receiving a Visa Grant Notice.

In case your application is refused, a decision record will be provided .This would also mention the reasons for the refusal and the requirements you failed to meet.

If your case is appealable, you will also be advised of your remedies. The decision will be sent to you through your authorized email address or couriered to the address you indicated in your application.

9. Can I ask for a refund for the application fees I paid?

In case you choose to withdraw your application, prior to a decision, or a final decision has been rendered, you are not entitled for a mandatory refund on the application fees that you paid.