Family visa

Family Visas enables its holders to have the opportunity to be reunited with their families in Australia; Families who are legitimate Australian Citizens, permanent Australian residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens with their close family members. There are three (3) categories for the family visa and several subclasses, the following are:

  • Child Visa Options
  • Parent Visa Options
  • Other Family Options


Child (Permanent) (Subclass 101)

Child (Permanent) (Subclass 101) are for children who are outside the country who are a child or a stepchild of a legitimate Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen. This visa scheme allows the child, under 25 years of age, to remain, live permanently and travel in Australia with their parent(s) for five (5) years. Sponsors, the children’s parent(s), must provide support for the child and provide reasonable needs on their first two (2) years in Australia.

Orphan Relative (Permanent) (Subclass 117)

The Orphan Relative Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 117) is for children, below 18 years old, who are outside Australia whose parents are incapable of caring for them. Subclass 117 allows its holder to live permanently in Australia with an Australian relative. The sponsor(s) should be able to support the child’s financial needs, accommodation and other reasonable needs for their first two (2) years upon the approval of the visa.

Adoption (Permanent) (Subclass 102)

Adoption Visa (Subclass 102) is for children, under 18 years old, who are in the process of being adopted or have been adopted by a legitimate Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen. Subclass 102 allows its holder to live permanently in Australia. The sponsor, adoptive parent, or prospective adoptive parent must be a legitimate Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or an eligible NZ citizen.

Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445)

Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445) is for a dependent child or stepchild of a parent who holds one of the temporary partner visas, namely:

  • Temporary Partner/Spouse visa (Subclasses 309 or 820)
  • Temporary Interdependency visa (Subclasses 310 or 826)

Subclass 445 allows its holder to remain in Australia as long as the parent’s temporary visa is still valid or up until the permanent visa application is finalized.


Parent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 103)

Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 103) is for parents who want to migrate permanently to Australia and join their children who are one of the following: a legitimate Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen. This type of visa requires the applicant to be sponsored by their child or another eligible sponsor who is in Australia.

Contributory Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 143)

Contributory Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 143) allows its visa holders to permanently migrate in Australia and join their child or children who are ‘settled’ and are permanent residents, Australian citizens, or eligible NZ citizens. Subclass 143 visa holders are also allowed to work and study in Australia, receive Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), and be eligible to apply for an Australian citizenship.

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 173)

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 173) is for parents living outside Australia who have a child or children living in Australia. This visa allows its holders to have access to Medicare and to work in Australia. This type of visa is non-renewable and requires that the applicant must be sponsored by their child or another eligible sponsor living in Australia.


  • Remaining Relative Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 115)
  • Remaining Relative Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 115)
  • Aged Dependent Relative (Subclass 114)
  • Carer Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 116)
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (Subclass 461) (Temporary)