Extend your stay in Australia with a Student Visa!

An Australian Student Visa is a temporary visa that allows its holder to study in Australia for a specific time frame. Also, this visa enables its holders to work part time or full time while studying but does not guarantee job permanency.

Like other visa, a student visa has an expiration date – a validity period. The holder of the visa must be aware of the validity of the visa to avoid penalties; if the expiration has exceeded for more than 28 days, a barring period may be enforced and you will not be able to return or visit Australia for three (3) years. If the visa expires, the holder must immediately contact the immigration department.

It is important that the visa holder knows the validity period of his/her visa, if he/she plans to stay in Australia for an extended period. Extending your stay in your Australia can be done if you do not have a “Further Stay Restricted” condition on your student visa. If you don’t have that condition on your visa, then you can extend your stay through these options:

  • Student Visa – if you are planning to study further or take your doctorate in Australia
  • Visitors Visa – if you will be attending your graduation ceremony or have a vacation
  • Work Visa – if you plan on working in Australia
  • General Skilled Migration Visa – if you plan on becoming a permanent resident of Australia

Remember, a student visa does not necessarily guarantee that you will be able to live permanently in Australia. Student visas are for persons who wish to study in Australia. It should not be used as a way to live in Australia and work permanently.

A visa holder can only have one visa at a time. Once an applicant’s NEW visa has been approved, the former visa – even if it hasn’t expired yet – will cease.

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