Explore the Land of Oz on Christmas

Planning on Backpacking in Australia for the Christmas Holidays is one of the decisions you will ever make. One of the factors you should consider in backpacking to Australia is the warm weather during their Christmas season.

Here are activities you can do during your stay in Australia this Christmas:

  • 1. Taste Festival. This is an annual celebration of food, produce, culture, and other activities in Tasmania. If you are a travelling foodie or someone who wants to experience other cultures, going to Australia in December is the best idea.
    • This festival start at the 28th of December and ends at the 3rd of January
  • 2. Moonlight Cinema. Have you tried watching a movie in a big screen outdoors? Enjoy the breeze, the nature, the movie, and your popcorn. The moonlight cinema is available at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney at separate dates.
  • 3. Woodford Folk Festival. This six-day celebration is packed with concerts, performances, and activities indulged in art and culture. You can both relax and enjoy, meditate and party in this place.
    • The festival is held between Christmas and New Year
  • 4. Surf and Swim. Australia is known for having the most beautiful beaches. The country is oozing with the beauty of nature; it would be a shame not to appreciate it. Go for a swim with the turtles in the Great Barrier Reef or surf the waves of Bondi Beach.
    • For more info about beautiful beaches in Australia, check our previous blog here.
  • 5. Spend Christmas. Experience what it is like to spend Christmas with new friends in a new culture. Appreciate the season by winning new people as friends.

Australia is just a unique but beautiful place to spend your Holidays at. Why not head down under this coming Christmas? You will have the most wonderful Christmas experiences in your life.

To be able to enter Australia, one must obtain an authority to travel or an Australian visa. For more info about Australia Visas, specifically Australian Tourist Visa, contact International Australian Visa Services at info@australianvisaservices.com.ph or call us at (02) 313-5181 or (02) 521-9484.