Establish A Lifetime Partnership In Australia

australian old couple

Finding your perfect partner and establishing a lifetime commitment with the person you truly love can make your life more fulfilling and worth living!

Your lifetime  partnership can  be more blissful if you will live in a progressive country that can provide excellent job opportunities for you and a good future for your children.

Australia is a good country where you can bring your loved one, build your family and permanently settle with.  According to the 2012 economic survey, Australia landed as the 13th richest country in the world. Its rich and variety of natural resources such as coal, copper, gold  and renewable energy sources attract a number of foreign investors offering more employment  opportunities.

With the number of booming industries such as mining, tourism and manufacturing industry, there a number of job opportunities that awaits you in Australia!  According to the report of index mundi   Australia Economy Profile 2012, there was only 5.1 percent unemployment rate in Australia in year 2011. With the flourishing economy of Australia, you can be assured that your family can have a worry–free future!

Aside from excellent employment opportunities, Australia is also known for famous universities and educational institutions where you can enroll your children and finish their formal education. You can find in Australia, The Australian National University, Macquarie University, La Trobe University and many more.

Aside from good education and reputable schools, there are also a number of historical and amazing places to visit such as the Great Barrier, Australian Wildlife, Sydney Opera House and Uluru, and your weekends with your partner and your family can be more adventurous and memorable!

You can also stroll and surf with your partner at the most beautiful beaches such as the Lucky Bay in Western Australia, Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania, Kirra Beach in Queensland and  Hyams Beach. Visiting these places with your partner and kids, can create good memories that can last for a lifetime!

All of these can be possible if you will avail of a partner visa! A partner visa can allow you to travel, live and permanently settle with your partner in Australia. You can apply for a Fiancee Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300), Spouse Visa Subclass (309 OR 100) and De-Facto Spouse Visa.

Fiancee Visa Or Prospective Marriage Visa

Fiancée visa is appropriate for a person who is already engaged, but not yet married to, an Australian Citizen or to an eligible citizen of New Zealand. This type of visa let’s you enter Australia and marry your fiancé within a nine month validity period.

Partner Permanent visa

Holders of a partner permanent visa or subclass 100 are allowed to go or permanently stay in Australia with their respective partners.

Holders of this visa are allowed to enjoy certain privileges. They are allowed to study and work in Australia, they are also allowed to avail of hospital care scheme, medical benefits, and they are also entitled to receive social security payments. And lastly, if they can meet the residency requirements, they can apply for an Australian Citizenship.

Partner Temporary Visa

Holders of partner temporary visa or subclass 309 are allowed to visit or remain with their respective partners   until a decision is rendered regarding their permanent visa.

Certain privileges are granted for the holders of this visa.  They have the right to avail of medical benefits and   study in Australia. However, they cannot avail of government funding for their tertiary education. Lastly, they are also allowed to work in Australia.

 De Facto Visa Australia

The de facto visa Australia or subclass 820 visas, also includes the same sex partner visa. This visa requires that the applicants must prove that they are under a real, exclusive, continuous de facto relationship at the time of the application.

It is also mandated that both partners are at least 18 years old and above, and must be in a continuous relationship for at least 1 year prior to the time of application. Pieces of evidence regarding the one year history prior to the application must also be provided.

Eligible New Zealand Citizen

The term eligible New Zealand Citizen is a person who has been in Australia on February 26, 2001 as the possessor of a Subclass 444 (Special Category) visa that was in force on that date. The applicant must also possess a certificate , which states that  applicant was residing in Australia on a particular date issued under Social Security  Act of 199. It is also required that the sponsor must be an Australian citizen,  a  permanent resident of Australia or  an ‘eligible New Zealand Citizen.

What are you waiting for?  Avail for an Australian Partner Visa now and visit Australia with  your loved one.  A country where you can establish a blissful lifetime partnership and build your own family!