Educate yourself with Australian Laws

The Legal Services Commission of South Australia started a project in 2005 that is especially for new migrants who want to know more about the laws of Australia, immigrants’ rights and limits in a foreign land. The monthly project aims to educate new immigrants and promote understanding of the Australian Family Laws and how to access the legal system of the country.

The project is aimed to encourage and educate new immigrants to become independent by being aware of their rights, duties, and responsibilities under the law of Australia; and increase an immigrant’s understanding of how Australian judicial and political structures affect their lives. The project will also promote obligations that immigrants must fulfill and laws that they should follow while they are residing in Australia.

This is beneficial to people who are holding an Australian working visa (Australian Skilled Visa), to avoid abuse or being taken advantage of employers or businesses. And for holders of an Australian Partner visa (Australian spouse visa or Australian fiancé visa) since the aim is also focused on Australian family law.

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