Eddie Murphy Refuses to Sign Daughter’s Application for Australian Visa

Los Angeles, USA – Hollywood superstar Eddie Murphy has declined to sign her daughter’s application for an Australian visa that would allow her to travel to the country together with her mother, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

visa application consent

Reports said Murphy did not sign the parental consent waiver which is a requirement for the travel visa application. The daughter will accompany her mother, Melanie Brown, who is going to Australia to host the television show, the Australian X Factor. Sources added the visa application is intended to be used for a long period of time.

Murphy and Brown are locked in a long legal battle for custody of their daughter and Brown has been shuttling between Los Angeles and Australia for a few years now, attending the court sessions of the cases.

The producers of the show however said that they will find a way to have Brown continue with her job as host.  Brown has been hosting the show for almost three years now. She said she is prepared to do anything just to keep her daughter to go with her.

Reports also said that Brown plans to take Murphy to court if he continues to refuse and allow her daughter to travel. Brown’s lawyers are preparing legal action against Murphy.

Source: http://www.visabureau.com/australia/news/04-04-2013/eddie-murphy-and-mel-b-clash-over-australia-visa-application.aspx