Discover Amazing Places In Australia

tourism in australia

There are a number of captivating places in this world where you can discover fascinating things and be grateful for  God’s  majestic hands.Places where you can commune with your innermost being, and be one with nature. Places where   technology   truly reflects the ingenuity and skillfulness of man!

If you are searching for a place to visit where technology does not negate  rural way of living, where  nature’s simplicity  unite with modernity, try visiting the  captivating places in Australia!

It is one of the most remote countries in this world, but it is also considered as one of the favorite  places to visit, particularly  among budget travelers.  Even with a small budget,  you can already visit remarkable places in history, dine in the finest restaurants, surf with the most  spectacular beaches and shop with the famous boutiques.

Australia is a haven for every traveler, the favorite place  of  an adventurer, and an excellent spot for shopaholics!

Australia is famous for its spectacular spots, some of world’s nature’s wonders can only be found here.  If you are a travel enthusiast  who wants to experience adventures with nature you can visit a number of amazing places  such as:

1.Kangaroo Island

There are a number of lush tropical jungles and rainforests to visit in  Australia where you can go hiking, mountain climbing and take photographs of nature!

One of the most favorite   island is the Kangaroo Island. Here you can view amazing rock formations, appreciate nature’s biodiversity and mingle with adorable animals such as Kangaroos,Koalas and exotic birds like  Emu.

2. Hyams Beach

Here you can find adorable dolphins and can fascinate  you with their skills in  live performances, amazing tricks and dancing. You will surely have a great time viewing and playing with these amazing creatures.

3. Frazer  Islands

Fraser is a sand island and a haven for some reptiles such as a crocodiles, snakes, diverse range of birds and amphibians. You can also find here a wide range of plants such as eucalyptus woods and  mangroves.

Frazer Islands  is a great proof , that even a lifeless sand can be a sanctuary for living animals and growing plants, amazing !

4. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is one of  the breath taking wonders in this  world. It is also considered as the world’s largest coral reefs, that  even astronauts visiting the outer space can view this living structure from outer space – awesome!

It is also considered as the home of exotic species such a “dugong”  also known as sea cow, vibrant corals and turtles!

5. Uluru

Uluru is another must see wonder in Australia.  You may not even believe that this is just a giant circular rock! This rock creates fascinating shades of orange and red during sunset and sunrise.

These are just some of the reasons why travelers keep on returning to Australia. It is really an all time favorite spot.

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