DIAC to Launch New Simplified Framework for Visitor Visa Application

visitor visa application

Canberra – The Australian government is planning to launched  a new and simplified way that will make it easier for applicants to apply for work visa or short-stay visa, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced recently.

DIAC minister Brendan O’Connor said the new framework will be implemented this month as part of the government program to eliminate red tape in the bureaucracy.

The new framework for visitor visa is now pending approval by the Governor-General in compliance with the Better Regulation Ministerial Partnership which aims to reduce the total number of visitor visa subclasses to half by the year 2015.

Based on the new framework, the visitor visas will be reduced from nine to four subclasses and a new set of requirements will be implemented.

O’Connor however assured applicants that no changes will be made on the current visa qualifications for tourists, business visitors, sponsored family visitors as well as visitors for medical treatment and care.

The minister said the new short stay visitor visa will allow people to come to the country for short-term, non-work visit only. It is also available to people who are invite to join events in Australia.

O’Connor stressed that the new visitor visa is not related to the 457 scheme but it was patterned after the success of the simplified skilled and business visa programs which subclasses have also been reduced in half.

Source: http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/bo/2013/bo194165.htm