DIAC Promotes Safe Way to Migrate to Australia

migrating safe to australia

Canberra – The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has set up an information booth in Melbourne to keep people aware of the changes made in the processing of refugees, a statement released in its website said. The activity was conducted as part of Kurdish community’s celebration of Nowruz or Persian new year in Coburg North during the weekend (March 24).

According to the statement, officials of the department were also present at the event and answered queries from people. They also warned people about the dangers of human smuggling and encourage them to enter the country through legal means.

Aside from the information booth, the department also distributed phone cards to people which allowed them to take free international calls to their relatives and inform them of changes in immigration rules and processing of refugees. Participants were also provided with access to the department website to help them find the information they want on immigration issues.

The department said the activity is part of the government’s broader campaign  called “Don’t Be Sorry”, which encourages safe and legal migration and help curb illegal migration.

The event was mostly attended by members of the Kurdish community in Melbourne where their traditional food was served, with Kurdish music and dancing.

Source: http://www.newsroom.immi.gov.au/releases/immigration-attends-melbourne-s-kurdish-new-year