Developments In Australian Immigration

Australian immigration is believed to have started five decades ago. A period when the ancestors of Torres Islanders and Australian Aborigines arrived on the continent through the Islands of New Guinea. The Europeans first landed in the seventeenth century. The Colonization of the British people commenced in 1788.

In 1945, around seven million people arrived in Australia as settlers. After the second post war, the migration program was triggered. Britain together with some European nations reached an agreement to foster Australian immigration and to include some displaced individuals from war.

The migrant population of Australia was once hailed by Europe after the World War 2 when it filled some needing workforce in some parts of Asia .

It is approximated that there were 1.6 migrants who arrived between 1945-1960. For year 2000, there were over 90,000 settlers who arrived.

The year 2011 statistics revealed that one fourth of Australia’s twenty – two million population were born in foreign lands. It also indicated that the number of settlers who arrived in Australia from more than two hundred states in years 2008-2009 reached 158,021. Most of them were born in South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, and India.

In 2012, China and India were considered as Australia’s top source of temporary immigrants. These days, Australian immigration is geared to accommodate its labor market. 68% of the total arrivals now come from skilled category of the permanent immigration program.

Humanitarian Programs

In years 2010-2011, 13,799 people were granted Australian visas under the Humanitarian Program. For the offshore component, 5,998 visas were granted. Furthermore, 2,973 visas were granted for people residing outside Australia for its Special Humanitarian Program. Australia resettles the 3rd biggest number of refugees in the the world

Temporary Immigrants

In the recent years, the number (679,333) of temporary immigrants outnumbered the figure (201,850) for permanent immigrants. Included in this figure were holders of temporary long stay business visas, holders of working holiday makers, foreign students and holders of 457 visas.

The increase of arrivals of temporary immigrants in the past decade is considered as the biggest increase for than 6 decades in Australian Immigration.

Many temporary immigrants who have experienced studying or working in Australia became permanent immigrants .Half of Australia’s migration program for years 2011-2012, were intended for Australia temporary visa.

Australia continues to be a cosmopolitan nation, a one of a kind country. Australia has now changed from a settler immigration to a nation built on migration.