Conditions to Follow With The Australian Tourist Visa

tourism in australia

The Australian tourist visa is one of the most convenient visa options taken by those who wish to tour or visit relatives in Australia for only a short period of time. This visa is used not only for visits or recreation but for short study and for other non-work related purposes as well. This applies for the minimum period of three months up to one year and may be extended, depending on the applicant.

The Australian tourist visa is a provisional visa which only allows the holder to travel within the country through a specified period of time. It also allows the holder a single or multiple method of entry to Australia. Based on the purpose and the applicant’s personal circumstances, the number of entries and the period of stay is often determined.

Australian visitors who are granted visitors and tourist visa must follow the conditions of their visa otherwise they risk cancellation as well as penalties for violating the conditions of their visas.

These are the following conditions of the Australian tourist visa or visitor visa:

  • • Holders of Australian tourist visa cannot work while in the country except in permitted voluntary work
  • • You cannot study for a period longer than three months. For those who wish to study for more than four weeks, they must pass the health examination before they start with their course.
  • • The visitor visa holder can stay beyond the validity of the visa
  • • Those who were given “No further Stay” condition may no longer be given another type of visa but the condition may be waived during certain exceptional conditions

In addition to these rules, anyone who wishes to stay in the country for a period longer than six months is required to take medical exam which may include chest x-ray. The medical examination is strictly observed especially for people which the Australian government considers to be highly at risk for some diseases.

This is especially required for  applicants of the Australian tourist visa who are more than 75 years old. Aside from the medical tests, older applicants must also provide proof that they have health insurance that can be valid for use during their stay in Australia. They must also be healthy and fit to travel as certified by a government-recognized doctor or medical expert.

Further, you must also provide evidence that you have enough money or funds to support your travel expenses as well as your stay in Australia. These may include bank records, pay slips, other accounts and tax documents.