Choosing a Skilled Visa Option

skilled workers

If you are a skilled worker or a professional planning to migrate to Australia, there are a number of available options for you to take.

As required, you have to meet first the basic requirements of the program for skilled migrant workers which require that an applicant must be at least 18 years old but not older than 50 years old. The applicant must also have good English proficiency and must have sufficient work record or completed the Australian eligibility qualification.  In addition to this, the applicant must also check his skills and credentials based on Skilled Occupation List (SOL) to get employed.

As necessary when applying for all other types of Australian visas, an applicant must have good character, with no serious criminal or derogatory record. He/she must also undergo medical and health checks.

There are two major types of skilled visas available for applicants outside Australia: the permanent and the temporary skilled visas.

The independent (migrant) visa (subclass 175) is a permanent skilled visa that is available for migrants with good English skills and whose expertise and qualifications are needed in Australia.  Applicants for this visa are selected using a points-test system that determines whether his qualifications are demanded by the labor market.  An applicant does not need a sponsor to apply for this visa. This type of visa will allow the applicant and the secondary applicants with permanent residency status in Australia.

Another option for a permanent skilled visa is the sponsored (migrant) visa (subclass 176) which has similar basic requirements  and uses the same points system to select successful applicants except that the applicant would need a relative who is in Australia to sponsor him or get nomination from government agency.  This visa grants the same status for the applicant and the secondary applicant, similar to the independent migrant visa.

The temporary or provisional skilled visas are given to applicants who do not qualify for permanent independent visas. There are two options available for applicants under this category.

A worker or professional who failed to meet the standards for independent visa may be given a three-year provisional visa, called as the regional sponsored (provisional) visa (subclass 475) where the applicant may have the chance to apply for permanent status after staying for at least two years and working for at least one year in a specific area or region in Australia. To qualify for this, an applicant must be nominated by the participating government agency or be sponsored by a relative. It uses the same points test to select applicants.

On the other hand, the skilled- recognized graduate (temporary) visa (subclass 476) is another type of temporary skilled visa which permits university graduated from selected countries to spend at least 18 months of work experience in highly-sought occupations. The visa holder may also allow him to apply as permanent resident once he passed the points test.