Check Your Australian Visa Requirements

Australian VisaAny person who intends to visit Australia must  check his Australian Visa requirements. A valid Australian Visa carries a great importance for the traveler and hosting country.

 Prior to your intended date of departure,you should already obtain the type of Australian visa that you will need whether its for tourism, work or education purposes.It is essential that you are holding the correct visa for your intended stay and purpose of visit, otherwise you may not legally enter Australia.

 You should strictly comply with Australian Visa requirements in order to guarantee visa approval and avoid denial. Different types of Australian Visa entail different requirements and processing period. Failure to comply with any of the Australian Visa requirements can be a ground for denial of your application.

Australian visas are granted at the discretion of DIAC or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Different types of visa have different processing periods. The usual processing periods are : Tourist Visa ETA – 24 hours, Working Visa – 48 hours, Six months tourist visa – 5 to 10 working days.

To be assured of a timely visa approval, you should prepare your Australian Visa requirements at the earliest possible time. You must be honest in giving a detailed information. A  perusal is being conducted by the Australian Embassy. Giving false information can be a ground for denial of your application.

The Australian Visa requirements that you need to comply with varies on the type of visa you are applying for. The supporting documents that you need to comply with, depends on you personal circumstances.

For applicants of student, transit, visitor and temporary residence visas, the application will be assessed based on the information provided. For applicants of migration visa, personal circumstances may need additional supporting documents.

However, the common Australian Visa requirements for different types of visa are:

– Birth Certificate

– Valid Passport

– Proof of financial capability or sufficiency of funds

– Proofs or documents showing that you’re free from any criminal liability

– Papers that will prove your intent to return to your home country

– Other documents mandated by Australian authorities

Applying for the type of visa which you wish to avail can be easy and hassle free if you will just timely check your Australian Visa. requirements.