Brendan O’Connor, The Newly Appointed Australian Immigration Minister

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard has appointed Brendan O’Connor   as the new Australian immigration minister. Brendan O’Connor   is also a member of the Australian House of Representatives. The housing project and small businesses which he administered in year 2012 will be taken over by Chris Bowen, the former Minister for Immigration.

O’Connor’s appointment is a manifestation of his excellent track record and extensive experience in the political arena. He has been an active member of the  parliament since year 2001. He held 2 positions both as a minister of employment and minister for home affairs in 2007. Under the parliament of Gillard, he worked as a Minister for Privacy and Freedom of Information and Minister for Justice.

In his Facebook page, O’Connor thanked Gillard for appointing him as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. He also admitted that he is also an immigrant in Australia, thus he understand that Australia is a nation built on migration. He further stated that he is honored to take his new challenging role. O’Connor’s appointment resulted from a cabinet reshuffle.The resignation of Senate Leader Chris Evans and Attorney General Nicola Roxon as cabinet members prompted Gillard to reorganize the designation of her cabinet members.

On the other hand, Bowen the former Immigration Minister will take over the vacated position held by Evans for science and research, skills and tertiary education. Since the federal election will be held on  14th September  2013, Gillard has immediately  acted on the necessity  to  reshuffle her cabinet, since  not all members  will continue their terms after  the present administration. The Australian Immigration is one of the sectors that has been affected by the reshuffle. With the appointment of O’Connor as the new immigration minister, the Aussie people are hoping that  the Australian Immigration will run  effectively  and   render  quality services  similar to the leadership of Minister  Bowen.