Basic Questions About Spouse Visa Application

Australian Couple

With Australia’s robust economy, many people are enticed to migrate in Australia, to find a good job and build their respective careers. Thus, they are forced to live their loved ones in their native lands.

While some individuals are in a blissful relationship with an Australian Citizen, who is currently based in Australia. Distance may seem to be an impediment in sustaining their profound relationship.  They try to maintain a long distance relationship, keep communications open while both of them live in different continents.

With the help of Australian spouse visa, you will no longer live separately from your spouse or loved ones. However there some people who avail of visa through fraudulent means just to ensure the application will be granted. With these kinds of unfavorable circumstances, the government has imposed more stringent rules or requirements regarding this visa application.

Here are some basic questions about spouse visa application:

1. How long is the processing period for spouse visa?

It normally takes 4-6 months or even a year before an application for a visa will be granted. In order to get a faster approval, it is necessary to strictly comply with requirements.

2. What are the basic requirements for spouse visa?

– Both parties should pass health and character requirements

-Both parties should be 18 years of age or over

-Both parties should have a commitment to live together as husband and wife, whether legally married or not.

– The relationship is subsisting, genuine and exclusive

 – Both parties must provide pieces of evidence that they have lived or living together as husband and wife. However, they may also live separately on a temporary basis, while the application is pending

3. How can I prove that the relationship is genuine?

A number of people try to take advantage of the Australian spouse visa as a scheme to enter Australia. They marry their fake or bogus  spouse,  show that their relationship is genuine, existing and  provide pieces of evidence to support this.

The visa case officer will consider a wide range of elements in perusing your spouse visa application. This will include: place where you live, the financial aspect of your relationship, social aspect of your relationship, the nature of your loyalty or commitment which must prove that you share a mutual commitment to live together as spouses.

4. Is a joint bank account, an indispensable requirement?

A joint bank account is not an indispensable requirement for a spouse visa. A number of couples do not have these documents, but they were able to succeed with their application.

You can provide other stronger documents that can prove the history of your relationship such as proof of your travels, plane tickets and personal statements about the profoundness of your relationship.

5. My previous application was refused; can I still apply for a spouse visa?

You can still apply for a spouse visa if your previous application was refused. However, a previous visa refusal can make your subsequent application harder, because more pieces of evidence will be required from you. Thus, it is better to succeed in your first application.

An application for a  visa can be easily granted if you will just comply with the basic requirements and select a competent  visa service company.