Basic Aspects In Processing Of Visa

visa processing

Any individual who intends to visit Australia for various reasons such as vacation, business, and education and migration purposes must be a legitimate visa holder.

A visa authorizes its holder to enter and leave Australia for a specific reason it was issued. It is subject to the approval of Australian Immigration officer at the time of entry.

Different types of Australian Visa may call for different requirements and may prescribe different validity periods. The period for processing of visa varies on personal circumstances like health conditions which may require for a further health check up or treatment.

It is important to strictly comply with the requirements and have an early processing of visa to ensure that you will timely arrive in Australia. Failure to comply with some of the requirements may result to denial of your application or longer processing of visa.

The basic aspects in processing of visa include: submission of correct visa application form, payment of application fees, submission of pertinent documents and the decision of immigration officer.

There are basic facts that you should remember with processing of visa.

1. Application

The processing of visa starts with application. The application can be online or through personal application.

Online application also includes Electronic Travel Authority or (ETA).  This partakes the nature of a visa but there is no label or stamp in the passport. The applicant does not need to visit an Australian diplomatic office to present an application. ETA can be availed of by passport holders coming from more thirty eligible countries.

2. Processing period

The period for processing of visa cannot be guaranteed due to several factors like the type of visa you wish to avail. Temporary visas such as tourist Visas, medical visas and short term visas have shorter processing periods. It normally takes 3-4 weeks processing.

However, permanent resident visas, family visas and skilled migrant visas normally take 6-9 months processing period. While there is no fixed timeline for processing of visa, temporary or short term visas have lower processing periods.

Preferably, you must apply for your Australian visa at least three months prior to your traveling date.

3. Decision

You will be notified about the status or decision of your application by your case officer. You will receive a Visa Grant Notice once your application is granted.

In case of denial, you will be provided with a decision record. This will also state the grounds for denial and the requirements that you failed to comply.

But if your case is appropriate for appeal, you will be informed of your remedies. You will be informed of the decision

If your case is appealable, you will also be advised of your remedies. The decision will be sent to you through your authorized email address or couriered to the address you stated in your application.

4.Validity Period

Most of Australian visas have one year validity period from the time of approval. Your application can be less complicated, if you will have a timely processing of visa.