Available Options For The Family Visa Applicant

Travel to Australia

People who wish to migrate and join other family members in Australia can make it possible using a family visa. To qualify for  this visa scheme, a family member must be sponsored by a relative who can either be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident  or a legal New Zealand citizen.

Under the family visa scheme, a “relative” may refer to “child, brother/sister, any of the parents, an uncle or aunt, a nephew or niece, a grandparent, a grandchild, and a step relative of same degree.”

Basically, there are many different visa schemes that any family member can avail to join a relative in Australia.

If you are a spouse, a fiancee or a same-sex partner of a relative who is an Australian citizen, you are eligible to apply for visa under the partner and spouse migration.

A child can also migrate and join his relatives in the country provided he/she is dependent on the relative who can be a parent of the child, or he is orphaned or adopted by the qualified sponsor.

Conversely, children who are Australian citizens can also sponsor their parents to join them and stay in Australia under the parent migration program.

Under the family migration program, other family members may also be petitioned to join their relatives in Australia. This visa is granted to other family members who fall under the three categories as aged dependent relative, remaining relative or carers.

An elderly family member who is single, either widowed or divorced and who is dependent on an Australian relative can apply for a visa under the category of Aged Dependent Relative.

Similarly, a brother, sister, a child or a step relative who are the last relatives of an Australian family member can apply for visa as remaining relative.

On the other hand, if an Australian relative is ill or has a debilitating medical condition, a family member can apply for a family visa to be able to provide care and assistance to the relative and attend to the daily needs of the ailing relative.

As required in all Australian visa applications, applicants of this visa type must also undergo  and submit character and medical clearances. This means , applicants must have no criminal records as well as derogatory remarks against his person or character. In addition to this, he must be physically fit and cleared of any illness or disease by a recognized medical facility.