Avail Your Student Visa in Australia

Student in a library

Access to a quality education is a fundamental human  right  and  essential  for the exercise of other basic rights. Its indispensable role in our society is very apparent. With a quality education, people can contribute knowledge and inventions for the development of the society. In fact, most of our prominent leaders have an excellent educational background and equipped with sufficient knowledge to head our nation.

Having a college diploma may not suffice. It is also essential that you finish your chosen course in a reputable school coached by competent lecturers and prominent professors. Some students, who have finished their chosen degrees in reputable schools, take post graduate courses to further enhance their skills and knowledge. Others, who have the financial capability, enroll and study in a foreign land.

Australia is one the favorite destinations of students who wish to take post graduate courses. Simply because the Australian Universities and educational institutions offer world class amenities and prominent education.

Studying in Australia is more than just receiving a diploma.You can also work while studying in Australia and meet different people with different sets of cultures.

If you want to enroll in Australia, it is essential that you apply for a student visa. However, if you want to apply in Australia, it is essential that you must be a holder of some qualifying visas.

Any foreign national who wish to avail of student visa in Australia must be presently holding a qualifying visa or holding a specific type of visa and file an application within twenty eight days from the visa’s expiration date.

If you wish to avail for a student visa in Australia, you must have an eligible visa. There are types of visas that are not considered as eligible visas. The 462 Work and Holiday visa and class UR Business Skills visas are not considered as eligible visas. Furthermore, only students who are entitled to Assessment Level 1 may apply for their student visa in Australia. However, under exceptional circumstances, some individuals can also apply for a student visa in Australia.

You must be a holder of any of the following to avail a student visa in Australia:

  • Skilled Graduate under subclass 485
  • Graduate Skilled under subclass 497
  • A qualifying visa

The qualifying visa includes:

  • Boarder Visa
  • Exchange Visa
  • Entertainment Visa
  • Maritime Crew
  • Religious Worker Visa
  • eVisitor Visa
  • Tourist Visa

If you are a relative or guardian of a student holding student visa in Australia, you may also apply for a student guardian visa. But, you must have any of the following:

  • any visa under  qualifying visas list
  • Graduate Skilled Visa