Avail Student Visa Australia Through Streamline Processing

Australian CitizenshipThe significant role of education is emphasized in every state. A nation with a high literacy rate has a higher chance of economic advancement.

Here in the Philippines, our government allocates the highest portion of national budget for education. For the year 2013, our government allocated a 292. 7 billion budget for education. It was reported that the said amount is the biggest portion in 2.6 trillion 2013 national budget. The said action is an indication of Filipinos high regard for education.

Aside from finishing a college degree and obtaining a college diploma, most Filipinos take post graduate courses such as master’s and doctorate degrees. Some Filipinos who have the financial capability take their post graduate courses in a foreign land. Most Filipinos avail of student visa Australia to take their post graduate courses in Australia simply because Australia is known for reputable universities, top notch lecturers and good education system. Aside from good education, holders of student visa Australia are also given the privilege to work in Australia while attending their schools. Aside from acquiring knowledge, they can also earn and send money to their families in the Philippines.

People who intend to study in Australia should also be familiarized with streamline visa processing.

Streamline Visa Processing
Students who receive an offer from participating universities can be part of streamline visa processing that allows for a faster visa processing.

Can a Student Visa Australia be easily availed through streamline Visa Processing?
No, the streamline visa processing requires a meticulous evaluation of students qualifying for education in Australia. Every parameter for Student Visa Australia requirement will be stringently monitored by a student adviser.

Changes in Streamline Visa Processing
Applications for student Visa that were lodged on or after 24 March 2013 from a recognized Australian University or educational institution will be assessed with a lower migration risk, this is similar with the present assessment level one.

Advantages of Streamline Visa Processing
– faster processing of visa
– proof of financial capability is no longer required by the Australian High Commission

Genuine Temporary Entrant

A holder of student visa Australia is also considered as a genuine temporary entrant. It is essential that he has a genuine intent of studying in Australia.
Under the new rules, a permanent residency for Australia can no longer be immediately obtained after completing studies in Australia.

Can I bring my spouse to Australia while holding a student visa Australia?
Yes, you can bring also bring your spouse while taking further studies in Australia. However, he / she must also apply for a visa and must be a Genuine Temporary Entrant.