Availing An Australian Student Visa

student visa in Australia student visaAustralia has a high quality education system. The Australian way of teaching has attracted millions of students from different countries to avail of Australian Student Visa to study in Australia. The emerging number of international students has enriched the academic experience of all Australian students. Foreign students are attracted not only by the system of Australian education but also by its multicultural society,advanced technology, and welcoming environment.

In year 2006, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluated the education system in Australia. Among 56 countries, it ranked the education system in Australia as 6th for Reading, 8th for Science and 13th for Mathematics.

Based on the data of United Nation’ Education Index, the education system in Australia was among the highest in the world. This recognition, has enticed more students to avail of an Australian Student Visa.

Every year, Australia welcomes an emerging number of foreign students to its schools, colleges and universities. Currently, Australia ranks as the third English speaking nation in the world after Britain and America in terms of foreign students destination.

Its system of education which encourages critical way of thinking has produced prominent graduates. Its interactive way of learning has fostered friendliness among students of different nationalities. Many Filipinos are also enticed to avail of Australian student visa.

Australian Organizations in The Philippines

Here in the Philippines various organizations encourage Filipinos to avail of Australian Student Visa to study in Australia. Like, the Australian Trade Commission, which promotes the “Study in Australia” program, it supports and organizes various activities participated by Australian institutions, colleges and universities.

The Philippine Australian Alumni Association is a non- profit and non political organization, which intends to foster a camaraderie between Philippines and Australia. It provides a frame work which supports socialization among alumni of Australian educational institutions.

Membership to this organization is open to all residents of the Philippines, regardless of nationality, provided they have availed of Australian Student Visa and have participated in long term or short courses in any Australian Education Institution. Any person who has finished a degree or has earned a diploma from an Australian educational institution is qualified to join.

Australian Website

Anyone who plans to avail of Australian Student Visa in order to study in Australia can access the official government website – www.studyinaustralia.gov.au. It provides pertinent information about studying in Australia. The website is equipped with a search facility that covers all kinds of academic courses and institutions available to foreign students seeking an Australian Student Visa.

Applying for an Australian Student Visa, is easy and hassle free, you only need to vigilantly choose your migration services.