Australia’s New Tourism Campaign to Boost Travel Visa Application

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Canberra – Travel visa applications to Australia are expected to rise as Tourism Australia, a government agency tasked with promoting the country to tourists, had  recently launched the “Best in the World” campaign in London with the aim of attracting young tourists and travelers across the world.

News sources said the department has poured in about $4 million on the global competition where each winner  can get a $1,000-package for six months, including living allowances. The competition is open to travelers age 18 to 30 who are qualified for the Australian working holiday scheme.

The tourism campaign contest is patterned after Queensland’s popular “best job in the world” campaign in 2009, which offered the same package of benefits. The contest gained popular fame  and attention where the winner was tasked to become ‘caretaker’ of the Great Barrier Reef.

This time the contest requires applicants to submit a short video (30 seconds limit) as part of their applications. The agency has received about 75,000 applications since it was launched last week.

Reports said the promotion for the contest will cost about $12 billion, with the participation of  Australia’s six states and territories that include New South Wales and Victoria.

The government expects the campaign to boost applications for tourism and travel visa and fill the demand for the shortage of tourism workers in the country.  It will also contribute to the economy as each tourist worker spends an average of $7300 to $13,000 during their stay in the country.

The government is targeting young travelers from countries like the U.K., Ireland, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Germany and young applicants from Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hongkong, South Korea, and Japan, who are qualified for the Working Holiday visa scheme.

The six “Best Jobs in the World” roles include Chief Funster in New South Wales, park ranger in Queensland, outback adventurer in the Northern Territory, lifestyle photographer in Melbourne, wildlife caretaker in South Australia, and a taste master in Western Australia.