Australians tops as the wealthiest in the world

Australia has once again proven itself of its continuous boosting economy as Australians top as the richest people in the entire world in a 2013 Credit Suisse wealth report. The number of Aussie Millionaires increased to 1.123 million people. (Calculation includes real estate value and other assets less household debt.)

In the recently released Credit Suisse 2013 Global Wealth Report, Australians remain the wealthiest people in the world by, at least, a measure. The median wealth of an Australian adult is $US219, 505 which is the highest in the world. For three years, Australians have maintained to be at the top in median terms. Although Australia may have maintained its top rank, the growth from last year’s numbers was only by 2.6 percent, slower and lower than the global average of 4.6%.

According to the chief investment strategist for Credit Suisse Asia-Pacific region, Mr. David McDonald, “The top 10 per cent of Australians own 50 per cent of the wealth which compares with the top 10 per cent around the world owning an average of 86 per cent and the top 10 per cent in the US owning 74 per cent.

Meanwhile, the United States still remains as the Millionaire capital of the world, containing all of the world’s new millionaires (Forty-two (42) percent out of the world’s 32 millionaires); Taiwan and Spain to contain a percent of the world’s millionaires. And China is expected to have the most growth in wealth by 2018.

Such rank could attract overseas workers and employees from other countries to apply for a skilled visa and start a new life as skilled immigrants in Australia. The report will give businessmen a reason to consider Australia as a place for great business opportunities and endeavors.