Australian Working Visa:Your Key For A Better Future

working people in AustraliaAustralia is well known for its robust economy and great employment opportunities.Yearly, there are a number of people who avail of Australian Working Visas and migrate to Australia in order to find a lucrative job. Aside from good benefits, the Australian Government also imposes very reasonable taxes.

The Australian Employers provide excellent benefits to its employees. In case of retirement, the retired employees regularly receive adequate pensions and benefits. Retired employees receive a full state pension amounting to 689 AUD a fortnight for single individuals while married individuals receive AUD 519.40 a fortnight, plus a quarterly supplement.

Working in Australia will let you experience a lavish lifestyle. Thus, you can be assured of a secured future. But before you can legally work in Australia, you must be a legitimate Australian working visa holder.

How to Obtain Australian Working Visa?

If you wish to avail this, you must seek the advice of a registered migration agent. They can help you avail of Australian Visa and avoid some Australian migration issues.

The Best Working Visa for you

Whether you’re a sponsored employee, working holiday maker or skilled worker, there are different kinds of Australian Working Visa that you can choose. Below are the different kinds of visas that you can choose:

Skilled Working Visa

The skilled Australian working visa provides the most benefits. It can grant it holders a permanent residency and an opportunity to apply for an Australian Citizenship. In order to be qualified, you must have the experience and skills need by Australian employers.

Sponsored Work Visa Australia

In case you are not qualified for a skilled Australian Working Visa, your other option is employer citizenship. If an employer or company offers you a job in Australia, you can avail of a sponsored Australian Working visa. Its validity last until the duration of your contract.

457 Visa

This is the most popular working visa in Australia. This allows a company to sponsor its employees for a temporary work visa for a period of 1 day to 4 years.

Other Types of Australian Working Visa

  • 1. Working Holiday Visa – This visa has a 4 years validity period. This visa allows individuals 18 to 30 years of age to travel, work and live in Australia.
  • 2. Investment and Business Visa – They are available to individuals who have plans of starting their own businesses in Australia. These visas range from permanent immigration to Australia and short term business visa.
  • 3. Special Category Visa– This kind of Working Visa are intended for people with specials skills and talents such as academic research, sports ability and artistic talents.