Australian Working Visa

australia immigrationAustralia is well-known to be an economically stable nation among others, not to mention that the country strongly promotes its tourism to attract immigrants. Because of that, this, the country welcomes everyone with open arms whether the purpose is for visiting, studying, or even permanently living and working in Australian soil.

Are you planning to work in Australia? Or did you suddenly get an opportunity to work there? If yes to either of the questions, make sure you prepare your necessities and the required papers, but before you even make plans to settle there, you should already prepare on securing a working visa. Otherwise, all your efforts on organizing your trip to Australia will be put to waste, including booking a flight and hotel accommodation.

An Australian Working Visa is required in order to be secured of work, and to promote individuals with specialized skills to improve the workforce and economy of the country. Priority in processing is given to applicants who have been sponsored by an employer or is a nominee of among the State Migration Plans participating in visa application.

There are different types of Australian Working Visa and the following are:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme, where this type of work visa assists employers in sponsoring skilled workers and allows permanent residence courtesy of the sponsors. It is specifically for the nation to improve its global competition while filling spots in shortages within the Australian labour market.
  • 457 Visa, where this work visa lets workers acquire a temporary visa through the sponsorship of the employer and they can recommend positions for various jobs under similar application.
  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), a permanent visa for workers who are not sponsored by an employer with skills that are in-demand in the labor market.
  • Skilled Sponsored Visa (subclass 190), a permanent type of work visa for those who have skills and qualifications listed under the Skilled Occupation List but did not reach the passing mark needed for acquiring a Skilled Independent work visa.
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa, a provisional visa lasting three years for workers who aren’t were not able to pass conditions for a Skilled Independent Visa.
  • Recognized graduate Visa (subclass 476), a visa allowing Engineering practitioners that recently graduated from selected universities abroad to obtain 18 months of work experience in in-demand jobs in Australia.

You can inquire to the nearest Australian embassy on requirements for submission on your work visa application after determining from the list the appropriate type of visa. The basic requirements are usually your passport and proof of employment. Further details can be clarified by the embassy for quick processing.