Australian Work Visa

australian jobsAustralia is known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. This country is blessed with exotic animals, fertile soil and spectacular beaches. The abundant natural resources of Australia are just some of the reasons why various industries such as mining, agriculture, dairy, tourism and other industries continue to flourish. These various industries provide more employment opportunities for the citizens and residents of Australia.

Aside from being blessed with abundant natural resources, this country is also blessed with a robust economy, enticing more foreign nationals to work in this place. As a highly developed country, Australia is considered as one of the world’s wealthiest nations. It ranked as the 12th largest economy. Furthermore, it also ranked as the fifth nation with the highest per capita income. Its robust economy and job opportunities are just some of the factors why a number of people migrate to Australia to find a lucrative job and establish a good life.

While some countries experience economic turmoil and surging unemployment rate, there are numerous jobs in Australia that  are available for qualified applicants. Official records of Australia Bureau of Statistics indicate that as of March 2013, the unemployment rate in Australia is only 5.60 percent. Anyone who intends to work in Australia should avail of Australian Work Visa.

Australian Work Visa
Working solely on the basis of a regular tourist visa is forbidden. Before collecting your wages, you are required to have a tax number, that you can avail by filling out the forms from Australian Post Office and Tax Office.

Working Holiday Visas
Holders of working holiday visa can work with different employers for a period of six months. This visa is for applicants aged eighteen to thirteen years old from countries with reciprocity with Australia such as Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Canada, Estonia, Republic of Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland. There are also other countries that are under consideration. There are also other countries under consideration and may have already been added since the time of writing.

Business Visas
A Provisional Business Visa has a four year validity period. If the stay will exceed four years, it is possible to obtain a Business Skills Residence Visa.

A Short Stay Business Visa permits investors and business people to stay in Australia up to 3 months. The allowed activities in this type of visa include: attending conferences, conducting negotiations and to find business opportunities.

Business Migration Program

The business migration visa is designed to give investors and business people the opportunity to test their planned businesses or investments before making a decision to permanently settle in Australia or not.

Investors, business talents, senior executives and business owners can apply under the business migration program.

Skilled Visas
Skilled Visas is another category of Australian Work Visa can be availed of by workers with special skills that are highly needed in Australia.

Backpacker Jobs

In addition to the numerous jobs available in the flourishing hospitality industry, the season of fruit picking trail also offers more work opportunities and good rates of pay

Working Holiday Visa.

A working holiday visa allows its holders to work and stay in Australia up to twelve months. In case qualified for this visa, the employer will provide the same working conditions and rates of pay with the Australians.

The employer is required to make deductions, tax payments and to ensure that the work environment complies with the Occupational Health and Safety laws.

An Australian Work Visa can be your key to find a lucrative job and establish a good life!