The Australian Visitor Visa is now Simplified

The former visitor visa (Australian tourist visas) categories have been simplified into a single subclass. The said Australian visa replaced the following visas:

  • Business Visa (short stay) – Subclass 456
  • Sponsored Business Visitor Visa –Subclass 459
  • Tourist Visa – Subclass 676
  • Sponsored Family Visitor Visa – Subclass 679

The separate sub-classes are now compressed into Subclass 600; visitor visa which is composed of four streams:

  • 1. Tourist Stream
  • 2. Sponsored Family Stream
  • 3. Business Visitor Stream
  • 4. Approved Destination Status Stream (for the People’s Republic of China only)

Similar to the former sub-classes, Subclass 600 is a temporary visa. This means that the holder of this visa is not allowed to work or engage in any activity that will pay the visa holder. The holder of this visa is allowed to volunteer, make business enquiries, visit and enjoy the country.

The new subclass makes the immigration department monitor the number of visitor visa applications.