Australian Visa Requirements Checklist

Australian Passport

Any person who intends to travel to Australia needs to comply with certain Australian visa requirements such as a valid visa and travel documents. However different types of applications entail different Australian visa  requirements:

1. Student visa:

Any person who plans to study and enroll in a registered course in Australia needs to obtain a student visa. A student visa allows the holders to enter and stay in Australia for the entire duration of the chosen course. A person applying for a student visa needs to comply with certain Australian visa requirements such as:


Anyone who likes to avail for a student visa must fill and complete the 157W application form.  The Australian High Commission provides the said form free of charge. The said form should be accompanied with application fee.

b. Evidence or Proof of Enrollment

A proof  of  enrollment or admission, to take a course by a duly registered Australian education institution is one of the requirements that an applicant must comply with.

c. Bona Fides

The bona fides evaluation is one of the indispensable Australian visa   requirements. It ascertains whether an applicant is a genuine student who desires to study in Australia and comply with visa conditions.

The bona fides evaluation includes:

Evaluating the applicant’s academic performance:

Studying the significance of the applicant’s academic and employment circumstances.

Ascertaining the English proficiency of the applicant and determining whether it is adequate for the proposed course

d. Assessment of Financial Resources

This includes an evaluation of the applicant’s capability to pay for  all of the expenses pertaining to the applicant’s education in Australia. The aspects that may be taken into consideration include:

– Financial capacity to pay for  tuition fee, return

– Applicant’s financial capability to pay loans to finance his study.

– Capability to pay air fares to his native land and all other expenses  relevant with his stay in Australia

– The applicant’s capacity to repay any loans taken to finance his/her study; and

– For married applicants, his financial ability to support his family during the entire duration of the course.

2. Australian Tourist Visa Requirements

For individuals who wish to visit Australia on holiday seasons, tourism, recreation or to see family and friends. There are various Australian Visa  requirements  that they need to  comply with:

a. Proof of Identity

This includes valid passport, birth certificate, latest medical certificate and I.D. card. This also includes copies of all visas which can be expired or valid.

b. Evidence of  financial resources

It includes pieces of evidence that can prove financial capability such as employment certificate, bank statements, income statements and records of dependents.

c. Proof that you’re not going to be an illegal immigrant

Aspiring applicants should provide a certificate of employment if they’re currently working, or a certificate of enrollment if they are still studying.  For working applicants a letter coming from the current employer  should be presented.

For students, a letter coming from school, indicating the applicant’s good class standing.

d. Copies of confirmed hotel reservations

A confirmed copy of  hotel reservations is one of the essential Australian Visa Requirements that an applicant should comply with.

e. Personal Invitation.

If  you intend to visit your family or friends, you must show an invitation letter  indicating the address and contact number of the  person you’re visiting. You must also show the purpose of your  visit and length of stay. You are also mandated to provide an evidence of your host’s status in Australia  like copies  of the information page of their passports.

f. Medical Check Up Report

For those who wish to stay in Australia for more than 3 months or for individuals aged seventy years old and above, it is essential to attach a chest X ray report and medical checkup receipt of applicant from one of the authorized hospitals.

3. Australia Working Visa

Australia is one of the progressive nations this day. Its excellent economic policy is just one of the reasons why a number of people migrate to Australia to seek a good job.

Any person who plans to work in Australia must comply with certain Australian Visa requirements such as :

– The applicant must have at least 2 year work experience in the field that he is applying

– Sponsorship of the eligible employer

– Relevant  Formal education

– IELTS 5.0

To be sure that your application will granted, it would be advisable to strictly comply or adhere with these  Australian visa requirements.  Failure to comply some of these can be a ground for denial of your application.