Australian Unions to Help Skilled Working Visa Holders

help skilled worker

Canberra –  The Australian Council of  Trade Unions (ACTU) has launched a nationwide campaign to help workers with 457 visas against abuses and mistreatment of employers as the group had started to gather evidence and  on the alleged misuse of the working visa scheme

In connection with this, ACTU said they have established a hotline where foreign workers can file their complaints or report the abuses of their employers.

The union said the campaign was launched in response to complaints they received that some migrant workers, who are mostly skilled working visa holders, were being mistreated by their employers.

The union added this kind of treatment being given to overseas workers may be considered as a form of slavery.

ACTU pointed out the case of a Filipino industrial painter and sandblaster who was mistreated by his employer and forced to work at his employer’s house where he was asked to clean the toilets and the house. The worker was eventually fired when he complained and deported back to his country.

The Australian government has previously announced a crackdown on the 457 visa following reports that some employers were abusing the program and there were no jobs left for the Australian workers. Many of the migrant workers work in jobs that require skills and experience such as in manufacturing and mining industry.