Was your Australian Tourist Visa Refused?

Here at International Australian Visa Services, we make sure that our clients are satisfied with the fast and truthful service that we offer. We offer assistance to all types of Australian visas; family visas, business visas, and tourist visas. We give importance to all of our clients’ applications. So if you need assistance in your tourist visa, we will provide assistance.

If your application for an Australian tourist visa has been denied, we can help you re-apply. But there are a few things you need to know with when you are applying or have launched your application for an Australian tourist visa. These are the common mistakes and misconceptions in applying for a tourist visa:

  • Common Mistake #1: I can work for a while in Australia during my visit. That is wrong. Visitor Visa Holders are only allowed to engage in business activities provided that they are not paid. The main purpose of a Tourist Visa/ Visitors Visa is to visit and travel in Australia.
  • Common Mistake #2: I can be sponsored by my boyfriend/girlfriend. If you intend to marry your sponsor, you might want to consider the Prospective Marriage Visa which is applicable for applicants whose fiancé/ fiancées are in Australia. Only an applicant whose family is in Australia can apply for a Sponsored Family stream (also under the Visitor Visa)
  • Common Mistake #3: I can apply for a new visa once I’m in Australia. If you have a “No further stay” condition, then forget about applying for a new visa once you are in Australia. But you can apply for a new visa when you’re outside the Land of Oz.

Avoid getting your Australian Visa refused! International Australian Visa Services can help you with your visa application. For more information, please do not hesitate browsing our website and do contact us via email at info@australianvisaservices.com.ph or call our Manila office at (02) 521 9484 or our Angeles office at (045) 304 0384.