Student Visa Application

Australia naturally requires all its foreign travelers to visit the country with a valid international passport and an Australian Visa.  Even foreign students are required to secure an Australian student visa if they are planning to study under the Australian educational system.  Although the standard time that an Australian visa is usually approved is within 24 hours, it may take a little longer if the student applicant is lacking the needed requirements for approval.
visa application

Formal Acceptance

Applicants must acquire a formal acceptance letter from the Australian education facility they will enroll before getting their visa approved.  The school or university must be able to provide courses that are widely acceptable by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia.  The student on the one hand, should enroll to these courses in order to qualify for a visa.  The facility should issue a confirmation of enrollment which is one of the requirements for an Australian Student visa.  Processing time for acceptance and enrollment may vary greatly from one school to another.

Acceptable Courses

Student visas in Australia are divided into subclasses that are predetermined by the course of study.  The subclasses usually include Independent English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), higher education, vocational education and training (VET), postgraduate research, secondary schools with approved secondary exchange programs, and AusAid, which is applicable only to students taking up courses sponsored by the government of Australia.

Key Requirements for Student Visa Application

For your visa application to be approved, you need to meet the key requirements set by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  In order to prove this, students must be able to provide proof that they can cover all expenses for their travel, their tuition fee and even to support their cost of living in Australia.  As of January 2010, student visa Australia holders are required to meet the annual living expense requirement which is more or less $20,000 USD or 18,000 AUD.  Applicants must also pass the English language test as per requirement of the university.

General Requirements

For your visa to be approved, you must meet the general requirements set by Australia.  These qualifications include having a good moral character, optimum health and a health insurance policy which can be secured from the Overseas Student Health Cover.  The rate by which the visa applicant will meet these requirements is dependent only upon the applicant.