Australian Immigration

immigrationThanks to the power of technology and mass media, everyone is becoming interested in traveling overseas as they browse travel blogs, watch documentaries, view advertisements, and read travel books. Unfortunately, those paraphernalia can only go so far and admittedly, you’d want to experience the journey on your own.

Australia, in particular, has a large number of immigrants. According to the Australian government statistics, a total of 14,597,072 immigrants including those who settle in areas such as the Territory of Christmas Island , Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and Jervis Bay travel to the country within the year 2011 to 2012 alone. Australia is one of the countries that has a high net migration rate, ranking at tenth, wherein immigrants are higher than emigrants. There are many reasons for Australian immigration which include obtaining an opportunity to study at their school or university, marrying a citizen to live in the state, working within the nation, exploring the sights the country can offer, or simply settling and permanently residing with a family or alone and enjoying the lifestyle for the rest of the days.

According to Forbes Online, Australia is also the second friendliest country, wherein the top is its neighboring country, New Zealand. Education and employment are also factors for immigration, as the country’s unemployment rate is as low as only 5.5% and the quality of education can be compared to the United Kingdom’s education. For those who wish to migrate to Australia to search for work, highly skilled workers are in demand. Since the unemployment rate is low, many people migrate to Australia to be a part of the workforce without compromising priority for the local labor force.

Tourism is highly emphasized as they preserve natural resources such as the Great Barrier Reef at the coast of Queensland as well as maintain their prized structures such as the Opera House in Sydney. “Kangaroo Island” is an island within Australian territory where you can see the fauna living in harmony with no record of harm as the conservation of wildlife is strictly monitored by its local council.

Other factors that people consider for Australian immigration is affordable housing, where public housing is offered for individuals with low income, and other housing plans that suit the taste and match the financial capability of a person or a family; healthcare, being one of the best in the world, competing with other European nations, where its system both has a public and private insurance depending on income; and low pollution since despite urbanization, the country still balances out the preservation of clean air and a clean environment for both the locals and foreigners to enjoy.

Convinced? Then book a flight to Australia and enjoy the sights and sounds. Be part of the numbers in the statistics of Australian immigration and head to the nearest Australian embassy for your preparation for migration.