Australian Immigration Minister Asked for Update on Offshore Processing

Australian immigrationCanberra – The Legal Affairs Committee of the Australian Senate has urged Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor to provide a regular annual report to Parliament regarding offshore processing of migrants seeking asylum.

The recommendation was part of the committee’s final report which seeks legislation that will prevent boat migrants to cross the Australian mainland without proper processing.

According to the report, the proposed changes would allow the government to process the refugee claims of migrants who arrive by boat. This means migrants seeking asylum waived their legal rights if they fail to undergo processing at Christmas Island.

As recommended, the agency said it would require Minister O’Connor to include in his annual report the number of migrants seeking asylum as well as the status of their claims.

The committee added that the proposed measure would help the Parliament to examine the process properly and ensure transparent dealing and proper accountability.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Sae, however, opposed the idea and called on other legislators not to pass the bill. The Greens said the measure violates the right of the refugees to seek asylum and refuge.