Australian Exec Defends Skilled Visa Scheme

skilled workers

Canberra – Leighton Holdings Chief Executive Hamish Tyrwhitt has expressed his support of the government’s skilled visa program, saying it has helped address the shortage for skilled workers in many parts of the country.

Reacting to reports that the government wants to put restrictions to the scheme, Trywhitt said his company had employed workers from overseas before and that he supports the program which also has its contribution to the community.

The executive said the government policy which allows people to come to Australia is beneficial to the country as it will enrich the culture as well as increase the population.

The Australian immigration has recently announced plans to arrest some employers who were using the 457 visa program to hire cheap labor abroad as evidence of violations continue to grow. Australian visa services faience visa travel visa work visa student visa

The agency added that fake businesses take advantage of the program to recruit and smuggle foreign workers into the country who later seek permanent status.

A newspaper report said the 457 skilled visa program has brought in thousands of skilled workers into Australia which include chefs, accountants, and medical professionals, among others in the midst of the rise in unemployment.

One of the cases involved a small business in Melbourne that sponsored a HR manager which authorities later found out to be false as the size of the business did not support the need for such employee. Another case involves a firm that sponsored 100 working visa applicants only to find out that nearly 400 workers of the company were all foreigners and there were no Australian workers.

Many Australian workers continue to complain that they have been having difficulty finding jobs which are mostly given to skilled overseas workers.