Australian Economy Posts Gains from Increase in Visa Application

increase visa application

Canberra – The Australian economy has earned significantly from the 30 percent rise in tourist and working holiday visa applications last year, the Department of immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)  based on the recent report filed in February.

The announcement came as the agency has made preparations to use the status as an advantage to attract more visitors and working holiday applicants.

The agency said the labor market was the first to benefit from the increase of visa applicants as it also credited the robust economy and unique attractions that made Australia a top destination for travelers and migrant workers.

According to the record, around two million people were issued visitor visas from July to December last year, registering an increase of about 5.8 percent.

The number of tourists from Asia also increased by about 9.2 percent, totalling about 401,362 visitors from Asian countries. The working holiday visa holders also rose with 162, 475 holders who were granted visas.

The record showed the highest number of working holiday visas wwere given to applicants from the UK at 24, 135, next are the Taiwanese at 17,969.

The working holiday visa scheme was also being negotiated last year with other countries such as Greece, Czech Republic, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, and the Slovak Republic.