Australia Made a Record for Interest from Foreign Tourists

With reference to the statistics issued by DIAC last 22 February 2013, Australia had made a new record from foreign tourists showing interest to the country.  Australia was already set to take advantage of its current status as a preferred destination for tourists and those on a working holiday.

In addition to this, the statistics also revealed that the economy of Australia benefited greatly from visa applications amounting to almost 30% increase.

Tourism AustraliaThe spokesman of DIAC stated that the labour market of Australia gains from the increasing number of tourists in the country as well as working holiday makers.  The spokesman added that despite the value of Australian dollar, the economy along with its cultural and unique natural attractions have made it possible to achieve a record high of international visitors.

From July to December 2012, an estimated two million applicants of Australian visitor visas were recorded which had increased over the same period in 2011 by approximately 5.8%.  An increase of visitor visas demand from Asia was also observed.  By the end of December 2013, tourist from Asia had increased by 9.2%, amounting to 401,362 Australian visitor visa holders.  Australia benefited from billions of dollars from Asian tourists.

The spokesman of DIAC even commented on facilitating tourists coming from Asian countries as a result of the progressive expansion of online lodgement last year.  The Australian economy is taking advantage of the increasing tourist market which made the online lodgement system as part of the service improvements for the tourists.

The working holiday visa program (WHM) in the country has increased by 23.2%, with approximately 136,155 grants.  A total of 162,475 WHM Australian visas was issued only in December 2013 which marked a 20.5% increased compared to the same month in 2011.