Australia job visa: Why work in Australia?

jobs in AustraliaAmong the many countries across the globe, Australia is considered as one of the countries with economic stability. Australia is a place where you can find jobs opportunities that can suit your career path. In today’s competitive world, applying for a job is difficult most specially if you’re applying for your dream job abroad. Australia Job Visa is your key to enter gateways to career industries in Australia. Once you have been granted a visa, you’ll be receiving and enjoying benefits even if you are a non-Australian citizen. Australian companies give the same treatment to employees. You can earn more for working hard and extra work load in Australia. Companies reward this extra perseverance with compensation that is based on the employee’s job responsibilities.

Australian job visa is designed for applicants who want to have their career growth abroad. This kind of visa will serve as a stepping stone of landing in high-paying jobs. There are different kinds of Australian job visa to choose from. Each category is uniquely designed to suit your needs. Here are the kinds of visa such as:

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

This new visa called subclass 189 is the newly improve 175 and 885 visa. It is designed for applicants who are applying for an independent permanent skilled visa. The applicants must be invited to apply, be under 50, must have appropriate skills in the nominated occupation on the list of skilled occupation, have good communication skills in English and should pass the points test.

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

The 179 and 886 visas is now the new subclass 190 visa. This visa is designed for applicants who have received a nomination from the state or territory government and asking for a permanent skilled visa. Territory government or State nomination involved either sponsorship that submitting an expression of interest in being sponsored by a particular jurisdiction or an intention of a migrant asking for nomination that is appropriate government before submitting their expression of interest. The process of nominating the applicant is through the skill select register. The same with the subclass 198 visas, applicants must be invited to apply, has good communication skills in English, be fewer than 50 and pass the points test.

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489

The new visa subclass 489 is the new visa that replaces the subclasses 475 and 487 visas. This is designed for intending applicants to be a migrant that is nominated either by territory government or state or even family sponsorship. This is a four-year provisional visa that requires the visa holder to work and live in a specific place in Australia and meet the requirements for a permanent subclass 887 visa.