Aussie immigration continues drive vs visa fraud

australian immigrationCanberra – The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) continues with its campaign to curb fraud and other irregularities in visa processing system as a Sri Lankan from Melbourne was sentenced to three months in jail by the Dandenong Magistrates Court for using false information in a permanent residence application and Australian citizenship.

News sources said the man, identified as Surendran Rajendran, kept his real identity during the time he was applying for an Australian visa until the time he was granted citizenship.

DIAC said the man was charged and subsequently prosecuted for violating provisions of the Migration Act 1958, Citizenship Act 1948, and other Commonwealth law provisions.

In 2007, Rajendran allegedly presented DIAC with false identity papers until he got a permanent residence status using the general skilled migration scheme and then granted an Australian citizenship three years later.

In related development, the agency has also successfully prosecuted a drug trafficker and sentenced the man to six months in jail on similar violations last June 28.

In the past months, the agency has also charged and prosecuted at least ten persons in various offences involving fraud as the agency tries to enhance its capabilities in fraud detection using methods such as biometrics, document evaluation, facial identification, and analysis of fingerprint.

The department reminded applicants that those found using fake identity information can be denied their visas or their citizenship cancelled. It added that they are closely working with federal and state agencies to apprehend violators.