Applying For A Work Permit Visa to Australia

work permit

There are several ways how you can obtain a work permit visa to Australia: through working holiday visa, through the student visa, and the 457 working visa scheme.

The working holiday visa allows people to work for at least six months, including four months of training, and to travel throughout Australia during the work period. This working permit visa can be renewed and may be applied and valid for another year provided the applicant has done at least three months of work in any region in Australia.

Students, as well as their family members, can also apply for a permit to work application either online or in person at any Australian consulate or embassy. Online application generally take only seven working days to process while applications filed personally may take about 28 days for processing. It is often advised that online applications are ideal especially for the months of April, March and February which is the peak season of visa applications.

To be able to obtain a work permit visa through the student visa, the student must submit a letter from the academic institution where he/she is enrolled with the permission to work application signed and stamped by the educational institution. A permission to work application is often charged and payment can be done through credit card, bank check, money order, or EFTPOS. The application can be mailed to any immigration office.

On the other hand, a work permit visa can also be issued for migrant or overseas workers under the 457 working visa scheme. Through this program, a migrant worker can only be granted a visa unless an Australian employer nominates or sponsors him for a job position. An applicant may qualify for this visa provided he has the experience and background related to the job and his skills match the demand of his work. In addition to this, the applicant must also have a good command of the English language and passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. The applicant must also be eligible to take license requirements for his job position as well as passed the medical and character requirements during the visa application.

Businessmen and investors can also be given a work permit visa under the business visa plan which allows them to establish and manage a company in Australia.  A work permit visa may also be granted to doctors and medical workers as well as for sea and air crew who are in Australia for a brief period of time. Seasonal workers may also be allowed to work under the Seasonal Worker program.

Aside from being able to work in the country for a maximum of four years, the Australian work visa has many advantages. Once you are granted a visa and allowed to work, you can bring your family to join you in Australia. You can also be allowed to travel within Australia or outside of the country for any number of times.